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Policy Forum is Asia and the Pacific’s platform for public policy debate, analysis, views, and discussion.

Policy Forum is a Crawford School of Public Policy initiative but publishes pieces from experts around the world. Since launching in November 2014, we have published more than 1000 pieces from many hundreds of authors worldwide.

The site is connected to the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society (APPS) – a community of scholars, public policy practitioners, people working at every level of public policy design and implementation, and the policy-engaged public. Membership of the Society is free and it brings with it significant benefits. You can sign up here.

Policy Forum and the Society are run by a team at Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University. The website and the Society are managed by the same team that produces the journal Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies.

Policy Forum publishes original essays, opinions and ideas on public policy challenges throughout the region, and the world. Our contributions are written with a broad audience in mind and are intended to provoke a discussion, dialogue or debate.

Our authors include distinguished academics, former prime ministers, people employed by NGOs and postgraduate students. The views expressed on Policy Forum are the views of the authors. They do not represent the views of Policy Forum or any of its partner organisations. Pieces are not peer-reviewed but do go through a thorough editing process.

We welcome contributions. If you have expertise in a public policy area, and an opinion you want to share, drop us a line through our ‘contribute’ page. At Policy Forum, we believe that the best way to respond to public policy challenges is by the free, frank and open exchange of ideas based on evidence.

All content produced for Policy Forum.net is available for republishing and reproducing under a Creative Commons licence. If you have feedback, topics you’d like to see covered, or any other questions, you can post comments or contact us directly.

Tom Kompas

Publisher and President, Asia and the Pacific Policy Society

I believe that the best way to develop good public policy is through the free and open exchange of ideas and expertise. That’s why Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies is an open-access journal; that’s why membership to the region’s public policy community, the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society, is free; and it’s the thinking behind policyforum.net.  Please join in the discussion, become a Society member, and help us raise the bar on public policy debate and discussion in Australia and the region.

Quentin Grafton


I care deeply about what is going on in the world, in our region and in Australia.  My approach to life is to “make a difference” . I fervently believe that the Policy Forum provides readers with a better understanding on issues critical related to their lives. My goal, as part of the leadership team at the Policy Forum, is to create a place and a space for people to engage about key ideas that improves decision-making which, in turn, help make the world a better place for us all.

Martyn Pearce


I have a background in journalism, communications, social media and working with academics. I am a firm believer that the best public policy comes from sharing expertise, debating ideas and making information freely available. I’m passionate about helping authors share their expertise with a wide audience. My work with Policy Forum is focused on creating opportunities for diverse audiences to engage with the best ideas, opinions and essays on public policy.
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Nicky Lovegrove

Associate Editor

I am a student of Asia Pacific Studies and International Relations, and have a deep interest in decisions that affect the lives of people around the world. I believe that the best public policies come from a marketplace of ideas, where they can be subject to critical debate and can be assessed on their merits. To me, Policy Forum is a fantastic platform for this process. I am excited to play a role in helping important policy ideas make a difference to the Asia-Pacific and the world.
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Martin Blaszczyk

Associate Editor
I began my career in policy research and analysis before finding my true love in crafting language, and clearly and effectively communicating ideas and arguments. Being in Australia’s capital, at one of the region’s foremost educational institutions, I feel privileged to be situated at the nexus of top-level policy-making and academic expertise. Policy Forum is a unique platform that seeks to bridge the famous gap between researchers and decision-makers – I hope you will join us in this exciting enterprise.
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Maya Bhandari

Editorial placement from Editor’s Practicum course

I am a student of International Security Studies and Languages (Arabic and Hindi). I am passionate about defence and security and I am interested in how culture, ideology and development shape the region’s security and foreign policy. 
For me, it is important that a variety of opinions on topical policy issues are heard and expressed in a productive and conducive environment. Policy Forum provides an important platform for a diverse range of ideas and opinions to be accessible to both policymakers and the public.

Sean Shaw

Editorial placement from ANU Editor’s Practicum course
I study international relations at the ANU. I am interested in both domestic politics and international affairs in the Asia-Pacific. I am interested in the link between domestic politics within states and their international behaviours and investigating the policy implications. Policy Forum is an excellent platform for different actors, including academics, policy advisors and the general public to exchange their opinions and deepen their understandings of Asia-Pacific affairs, which can serve as a solid foundation for sound policy-making.
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Yanhong Ouyang

Section Editor, Events

I look after Policy Forum‘s events and web contents. Being part of the Policy Forum team is a rewarding experience for me. I witness new ideas, great thinking and debates being broadcasted by this platform every day. It’s my pleasure to help deliver these messages to a global audience concerning public policy.
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Tessia Deng

Section Editor, Research

I am an experienced publishing project manager. Over the years, I have always been fascinated by how people share their ideas via various media and how they work together to create an ever-progressing world. As a proud Policy Forum team member, I see my work as an opportunity to explore deeper into the needs of a wider audience group. I’m excited to help build a bridge linking the great public policy thinkers and practitioners to a much wider community.
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