About The Society

The Asia and the Pacific Policy Society is a community of scholars, policymakers, researchers, students and the policy-engaged public. It is the first international association to link people engaged in public policy working across academic disciplines in the region.

The Society supports the journal, Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, and works to position research on the region within the mainstream of public policy.

Membership of the Society is free and bring with it many significant benefits, including priority invitations to selected events, a weekly e-newsletter with stories, offers and research, and networking opportunities with policy-engaged peers and the region’s leading policy experts. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss papers in Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies in our members-only LinkedIn group.

Membership is available to people in non-government organisations, government, policymakers, students and those interested in public policy.

Society members and fellows include some of the world’s leading academics and policymakers. By joining the Society you can play an important role with the growing policy community in our region.

A conference is held each year, providing an important opportunity for scholars to meet and challenge policymakers, as well as their academic peers.

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