How the International Energy Agency is building global policy co-operation

India’s road to a sustainable energy future

Kapil Narula
As part of bringing you relevant, fact-based, policy-focused debate on all important issues, Policy Forum is launching a special In Focus section: Australia’s Bushfires. Unpacking the causes and implications of the crisis, our authors will reflect on all that has happened and what policymakers must do next.
Environmental crises have changed the course of history for the better before, and they can do so again

From smog to smoke to sustainable wellbeing

Robert Costanza
The impacts of climate disaster on long-term public health

What do bushfires mean for Australia’s water supply?

Aparna Lal
26 February

EVENT: Towards a long-term emissions strategy for Australia

Preventing the spread of coronavirus and the scale of potential damage

Simple steps to reduce the odds of a global catastrophe

Warwick McKibbin
Will Australian exports run out of gas, or could the outbreak be a spark of opportunity?

What coronavirus could mean for Australia’s trade with China

Xunpeng Shi
How do we define poverty? Who is poor? Why? What should be done? As part of our commitment to informing robust, scholarly and policy-relevant debate, Policy Forum has launched this special section: Poverty In Focus. We hope you find the contents both illuminating and thought-provoking, and invite you to join the conversation.
Students need better preparation for an uncertain future

Education for the cyber age

Lesley Seebeck
The country needs a new strategy to tackle the scourge of addiction

Australia’s war on drugs is a failure

Vernon White
Australian racism reveals itself in the response to a public health crisis

Exclusion is not the answer to counter Coronavirus

Fan Yang