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4 July 2016

New Policy Forum Pod runs the ruler over a long Australian election campaign with no clear winners.

After eight long weeks of campaigning Australia went to the polls on Saturday, but the result is still up in the air, with votes still to be counted and both major parties potentially needing to strike a deal with independent MPs to form a minority government. In a special Policy Forum Pod, our Australian policy panel of experts unpick the poll and take a look at what it will mean for policy over the coming years. Listen to it here:

In the pod, the panellists take a look at some of the highs and lows of the lengthy campaign, which policies struck a chord with voters, and what a minority government might mean for Australia tackling the challenges the country faces – from tax reform to climate change and much more.

The panellists are:

Quentin Grafton: A professor of economics at Crawford School of Public Policy and Editor-in-Chief of Policy

Sue Regan: A policy analyst at Crawford School and a former advisor to the UK Blair government.

Bob Cotton: A visiting fellow at Crawford School who also works with the National Security College. Bob is former diplomat who served for many years in the Asia-Pacific region.

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