Abidah Setyowati

Dr Abidah Setyowati is a Research Fellow at the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet). She is a human geographer with a PhD from Rutgers University – the State University of New Jersey. Her research focuses broadly on natural resources and climate governance, critical climate change studies, indigenous politics, forest tenure reform and gender perspectives in these issues.

She has carried out studies on issues of forest access, biodiversity conservation, indigenous politics and local development as they relate to global climate policies (ie. REDD+ and Payment for Ecosystem Services). Informed theoretically by political ecology, her works link recent processes of the commodification of nature to longer processes of change in natural resources governance.

Prior to joining ANU RegNet, she was a postdoc fellow at Department of International Relations, ANU. She has also provided advisory works and assignments with USAIDUNDPUNEPFAOUNREDDDFID and other multilateral agencies. In RegNet, she is working with Professor Neil Gunningham on “Harnessing Financial Markets and Institutional Investment to Increase the Take-Up of Renewable Energy in the Asia-Pacific”