Alison Behie

Alison Behie is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Biological Anthropology at The Australian National University. She is also an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow.

As a Biological Anthropologist, Alison’s research focuses on how and why humans and other animals adapt in the face of severe environmental change. Some of her current research projects focus on how we can better mitigate animal-human conflict to ensure the survival and well-being of both human and non-human primates in our forest environments. Alison has published papers in numerous academic journals in journals including Ecosystem Services, Applied Animal Behaviour and The International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. She has also written for Australasian Science Magazine and has an upcoming book with Cambridge University Press entitled “Primate Conservation and Research in the Anthropocene”.

She is also the volunteer ACT state coordinator for the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s Roots and Shoots program.