Amanda Whitfort

Amanda S Whitfort is an Associate Professor in the Department of Legal Education, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong and a member of the Hong Kong Bar.

She has extensive experience in criminal prosecution work and acts on fiat for the Hong Kong Department of Justice. She holds an LLM from The University of London and trained as a lawyer in Australia where she prosecuted for the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions. She is lead author of Review of Animal Welfare Legislation in Hong Kong (2010) and Review of Hong Kong’s Wild Animal and Plant Protection Laws (2013), both papers co-authored with Dr Fiona Woodhouse, SPCA (HK).

She is a member of the Hong Kong government’s Animal Welfare Advisory Group’s Legal Working Party. Her research interests include criminal justice and animal law, both of which she currently teaches at the University of Hong Kong. She publishes internationally on animal welfare law in Hong Kong and China.