Andrew Allan

Andrew Allan has over 25 years of experience as an academic in the fields of transport, urban and regional planning in the United Kingdom and Australia. His current roles are as a senior research and teaching academic in transport, urban and regional planning within the School of Natural and Built Environments at the University of South Australia and as a full research member of the Barbara Hardy Institute at the University of South Australia. His contemporary research interests include the impact of urban centres’ policies on land use around transport interchanges and metropolitan transport; planning for active healthy transport modes such as walking and cycling; underground pedestrian systems in mega-cities, planning strategies to minimise transport related emissions from urban transport; and community impacts associated with windfarms.

Andrew has published widely in his research fields with over 70 papers in various academic forums including conference papers, roundtable discussions and journal articles. Andrew is a Board Director on the Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management Conference Board of Directors, an international conference series that will be held at Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology in July 2015.   Andrew’s current research interests include policies to encourage environmentally sustainable transport and infrastructure in Australian urban environments that will contribute to urban resilience to climate change threats.