Andrew Blakers

Andrew Blakers is both a Professor of Engineering and Public Policy Fellow at ANU.

He is also a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Institute of Energy and the Institute of Physics.

Professor Blakers was a Humboldt Fellow and has held Australian Research Council QEII and Senior Research Fellowships.

He has published approximately 300 papers and patents. His research interests are in the areas of silicon photovoltaic solar cells and solar energy systems. He has extensive experience with basic and applied research and was a leader of the team that developed PERC silicon solar cell technology, which currently has approximately 30 per cent of the worldwide solar market and cumulative module sales of around $30 billion (mid-2018).

He also has interest in sustainable energy policy and is engaged in detailed analysis of energy systems with high (50–100 per cent) penetration by wind and photovoltaics with support from pumped hydro energy storage (for which he won the 2018 Eureka Prize for Environmental Research).