Anne-Sophie Dielen

Anne-Sophie Dielen is a molecular biologist and biochemist who has always been fascinated by plants.

She started her research journey in France, studying plant viruses and trying to better understand plant defence mechanisms in order to improve crop yield. After her PhD, she moved to Canberra to work at CSIRO on starch degradation during wheat grain germination.

She then crossed the road to The Australian National University, where she has been working on photosynthesis for two years, as part of the RIPE (Realizing Increasing Photosynthesis Efficiency) project. She focuses on microorganisms that are very efficient at photosynthesis, trying to implement some of their characteristics into crop plants.

Anne-Sophie is passionate about improving diversity and gender equity in science. She is the founder of the League of Remarkable Women in Science, an interview project featuring female scientists working in STEM all over the world, aiming at giving role models to the next generation of female scientists.