Anneka Ferguson

Anneka Ferguson is a Senior Lecturer at The Australian National University College of Law and a Tuckwell Fellow. Her research interests include legal ethics in practice and the use of technology to enhance legal practice and education.

Admitted to the Roll of Legal Practitioners in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 2006, Anneka worked initially in both private and government legal practice.

As a personal injury litigator, Anneka joined Legal Workshop in 2008 and has been both the Sub-Dean and Director of the Graduate Diploma/Masters of Legal Practice. She has convened courses on Legal Practice Trust Accounting, Practice Management, the Professional Practice Core (PPC) Course for the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, and Lawyers Justice and Ethics.

Anneka is passionate about improving law student wellbeing and sustainable learning and assessment outcomes. In 2012, she began a research project in collaboration with Stephan Tang to develop and implement an evaluative survey/dialogue cycle for the PPC course that provides the base data set for a number of discrete and integrated projects for student wellbeing. Its effectiveness simulated transactional and group-based learning for developing a professional identity and sustainable assessment practices.

Anneka’s interest in how legal ethics is implemented in practice has also contributed to her work in implementing the Giving Voice to Values curriculum. As such, she is also working on a book of positive case studies involving junior lawyers who have addressed complex legal ethics issues.

Anneka has also recognised the importance of technologies such as Blockchain to both disrupt and enhance legal education and practice both nationally and internationally. As such, Anneka’s research interests are moving into this area via the completion of a certificate in Blockchain strategy at RMIT and through the ongoing study of a Masters of International Law at Griffith University.