Asmiati Malik

Asmiati Malik is an Assistant Professor at the Universitas Bakrie Indonesia, with a focus on energy policy and governance.

Asmiati started her research career at the Centre of Research Hasanuddin University as a research assistant. She has also developed several businesses in broadcasting, fishery trading, energy trading, and fashion.

Asmiati obtained a double undergraduate degree in International Relations at Hasanuddin University and Computer Science at the Muslim University of Indonesia. She then obtained a double master degree in International Studies Economic Management at the University of Birmingham and Business Management at Oxford Brookes University. She is doing her doctorate program at the University of Birmingham, majoring in the political economy of energy policy.

Asmiati also currently works as a director of research at the Centre for Politics and Governance Studies in Jakarta. She has spent time working for the International Finance Corporation, and writes articles in Kumparan, The Diplomat, and The Conversation. Her work has been published in Asian Correspondence, The Jakarta Post, and National Geographic, and has been presented at both Cornell University and Yale University.