Bahauddin Foizee

Bahauddin Foizee is a Dhaka-based columnist, international affairs analyst and law-professional.

He regularly writes for newspapers and think-tank-publications on the geopolitical trends and events taking place in the overlapping mega-regions of Asia Pacific, Indo-Pacific and Indian Oceanic Region and in the greater Middle East. He also – infrequently – writes his perspectives on law & legal affairs, environment & climate change and the worldwide refugee scenario.

Bahauddin Foizee holds an LL.B from University of London and an LL.M from Eastern University. He also holds a PgD in International Relations from University of Dhaka.

Bahauddin Foizee’s opinion pieces regularly appear on various media outlets including Asia Times, International Policy Digest and Eurasia Review.

His opinion pieces also appeared on The Diplomat, Geopolitical Monitor, South Asia Journal, Modern Diplomacy, Daily Times, Foreign Policy News, Kurdistan 24 (K24 TV Channel’s publishing site), EKurd Daily and a number of other print and online newspapers, magazines, think-tank publications and international publishing websites.