Bastian Harth

Bastian Harth was born and raised in Germany. He has completed a Master of Arts in politics, governance and public policy at the University of Sheffield (UK) and his Bachelor of Arts in international relations at the Tokyo International University (Japan).

He is a freelance writer and contributor and has written articles and op-eds for The Speaker, Young Diplomats, and Asia Times. He has also published a peer-reviewed article and a peer-reviewed blog post on the “Global Policy Journal”.

He currently volunteers as an Associate Features Editor at E-International Relations, as an Online Ambassador for the United Nations Volunteers, and researches for the diplomatic consultancy firm Grassroot Diplomats.

Since March 2019, he has the honour to be the incumbent chairperson of the Tokyo International University’s English-Track Alumni Association. Currently, he lives in Brussels (Belgium) where he works as a Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission’s Single Resolution Board. His articles generally focus on Japanese and Asia-Pacific politics and cover topics ranging from social protection, trade to international relations.