Brendan McCaffrie

Brendan McCaffrie is Research Fellow and Education Program Convener at the University of Canberra’s Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA). His research examines political rhetoric, leadership, and participation.

His research predominantly examines two areas. First is political leadership, researching the success and failure of various political leaders, in various historical and institutional situations. This research also examines the role of political rhetoric in defining a policy to commentators and the public, and in attempting to create positive assessments of policies.

The second major focus of Brendan’s research is political participation, which examines the role of government in encouraging citizens to engage in political and policy decisions. Brendan has published in various Australian and international politics journals.

Since January 2015, Brendan has been IGPA’s Education Program Convener. This role has required a significant amount of coordination and interaction with teachers and students, primarily in managing IGPA’s various Graduate Certificate Programs. This role has also required liaison with multiple government departments.