Carmeneza dos Santos Monteiro

Carmeneza dos Santos Monteiro is the Director for Policy and Institutional Strengthening at The Asia Foundation (TAF), Timor-Leste, where she leads initiatives addressing Government Accountability through Social Audit and Emerging Leaders Supporting Public Policy.  She also contributes to the Ending Violence Against Women Program.

Carmen completed her BA in International Relations with honors at The Australian National University in 2011. Before joining TAF Carmen worked as Adviser to Prime Minister Araujo on public policy and institutional reforms and as a senior officer on AusAID’s governance for development program.

Carmen’s honours and awards include Asia Foundation Presidential Award (2018), Health Equity Initiative Award (2018), Prime Minister Award (2017), Asia Foundation Development Fellow (2016), Australia Day Achievement Award (2007), Australian Development Scholarship Award (2008), and Dili University Student and American Law Association Awards (2005).

She is a founding member of the Rotarac Club of Dili, East Timor Crisis Reflection Group and ‘Hari’i Moris Foun,’ a community-based organisation based in Lospalos working towards women’s literacy.