Christian Wirth

Dr Christian Wirth is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Griffith University Asia Institute based at the National Taiwan Normal University.

After working for the federal government in Switzerland he studied at the Australian National University and at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Chris obtained his Ph.D. in International Studies from Waseda University and also taught at Sophia University in Tokyo and at Tohoku University in Sendai. He has been a Research Fellow at Griffith University, a visiting scholar at Korea, Peking, Waseda and Yonsei Universities, and a Visiting Associate Professor at Tohoku University.

Chris focuses on contemporary Chinese, Japanese and Korean politics. He is particularly interested in East Asian regional cooperation and integration, maritime politics, and the consequences of socio-economic change for the conduct of international politics.

His recent publications include “Securing Japan in the ‘West’: The US–Japan Alliance and Identity Politics in the Asian Century” (Geopolitics 2015), “‘Power’ and ‘Stability’ in the China-Japan-South Korea Regional Security Complex” (The Pacific Review 2015), and “Securing the Seas, Securing the State: Hope, Danger and the Politics of Order in the Asia-Pacific” (Political Geography 2016).