Dani Barrington

Dani Barrington is a Lecturer in Water, Sanitation and Health and Deputy Lead of the Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering Research Group and Programme Lead for the Master of Science in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) Engineering at the University of Leeds.

Dani uses interactive methods to understand people’s experiences with drinking water, toilets, menstrual health, and waste management. Her participatory research and teaching focus on ensuring that everyone has access to the products and facilities that they want to use, regardless of their income or the country they call home. She believes that there is more to well-being than economic development and that although technology plays a crucial role, it alone cannot solve all of our problems.

Dani supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students and conducts WASH research. She is also Editor-in-Chief at Engineers Without Borders Australia’s Journal of Humanitarian Engineering and a Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Practical Action’s journal Waterlines.

Dani has worked as a practitioner and researcher in Australia, Fiji, Luxembourg, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Republic of South Africa, Solomon Islands, Uganda, The Netherlands, and Vanuatu, and has overseen research projects in Belize, Dominican Republic, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.