Doug MacFarlane

Douglas MacFarlane is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Australia. His research aims to address the insatiable demand for illegal wildlife products, such as rhino horn and ivory. Based in the Psychology Department, his work will assess the effectiveness of applying interventions from behavioural science to conservation.

He holds a Master of International Law from Sydney University, and two Bachelors, Science (Ecology) and Arts (Development Studies), from the University of New South Wales. His academic work, published in the Asian Journal of International Law, examines the international law over severe exploitation within the Fishing Industries of New Zealand and Thailand.

For seven years, Douglas worked in Fisheries for the Victorian Government. During that time he worked in various roles from policy and management to enforcement. He gained on the ground compliance experience from his time as a Fisheries Officer, and several stints as a Prosecutor, Senior Fisheries Officer, and a Regional Fisheries Management Officer.