Eileen Deemal-Hall

Eileen Deemal-Hall is a Bama woman with cultural ties to Dhithirr Warra, Wakamin, Bagarrmuuku and Ankamuthi Nations and is currently Chief Executive Officer for Wujla Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council – Daintree Rainforest Area Cape York.

Since Eileen commenced in August 2016, Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council has won four National Awards across diverse categories including climate adaptation, defence – reserves, and National Local Government.

Eileen has a wide range of experience having worked across three tiers of government; State, Federal and Territory Governments. Her career has also seen her working in the mining sector as a Workforce Analyst and in the not-for-profit sector as a State-wide Manager across 33 locations in Queensland.