Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis is an honorary senior fellow with the School of Law at the University of Wollongong where she taught for many years. She introduced animal law into the LLB degree in 2008, making UOW one of the earliest Australian universities to teach the subject.

Elizabeth’s publications in the field of animal law are diverse and reflect her interest in public law and governance issues, as well as legal education. They include articles in the Australian Animal Protection Law Journal and chapter contributions to the two editions of Animal Law in Australasia (Federation Press). Her first-year text Principles and Practice of Australian Law (Thomson Reuters) incorporates animal protection matters to illustrate broader legal issues.

Elizabeth has also written for the public more generally, with an Animal Law edition of Hot Topics for the NSW Legal Information Access Centre and pieces for The Conversation. She is on the editorial advisory boards of the Animal Studies Journal and the Australian Animal Protection Law Journal and is a member of several animal protection bodies.