J Berkshire Miller

Jonathan is an international affairs professional with expertise on security, defense and intelligence issues in Northeast Asia. He has held a variety of positions in the private and public sector.

Currently, he is an international affairs fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations, based in Tokyo, Japan. He is also the Director and co-founder of the Ottawa-based Council on International Policy based in Ottawa. Miller is also a fellow on East Asia for the EastWest Institute and is currently working on projects related to Japan. Previously, he held a fellowship on Japan with the Pacific Forum CSIS from 2013-16. At the Pacific Forum CSIS, he chaired a ten-member group focussed on Japan-Korea relations, in the context of the US “rebalance” to Asia. He regularly attends track 1.5 and track 2 dialogues across the Asia-Pacific region on security and intelligence issues.

Jonathan is a regular contributor to several academic journals, magazines and newspapers on Asia-Pacific security issues including The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Forbes and Newsweek. He has also published widely in other outlets including Jane’s Intelligence Review and Global Asia. Miller has been interviewed and quoted on Japanese security issues across a wide range of media including The New York Times, CNN, The Japan Times, Reuters, The Asahi Shimbun, Voice of America, Le Monde and ABC news.