Jagannath Adhikari

Jagannath Adhikari is a researcher and writer, and expert in international development policy. After completing his PhD at ANU in 1995, he worked mainly as independent researcher and taught as visiting professor in universities in Nepal, Australia, Japan, Germany and USA. He was visiting/research fellow at ANU from 2009 to 2013.

The main themes of his research, teaching and consultancy services are agrarian transformation, globalization and international development policies, food security, labor mobility, climate change adaptation, conflict and development, and natural resources management.

He focuses on Himalayan region, particularly Nepal, for his research, which requires an insight on the policies and politics in China and India as they shape development in that region. He has authored and co-authored more than a dozen books on these themes and published more than hundred research articles in the referred journals.

He frequently writes in opinion articles in newspapers about development issues. His article in The Conversation in August 2017 was the third most read article with about 10,000 viewers. Currently he is an adjunct faculty at Curtin University and also teaches a course on International Development Policy for a semester (2018) at UNSW, Sydney.