James Trauer

James Trauer is Head of the Epidemiological Modelling Unit at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. There he undertakes research to improve the effectiveness of infectious disease control programs through modelling, with a particular focus on tuberculosis (TB) and emerging infections. He also coordinates the School’s growing focus on modelling of non-communicable diseases and demographic trends.

James completed his PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Emma McBryde of James Cook University, with whom he continues to collaborate closely as part of the Australian Tuberculosis Modelling Network (AuTuMN). This cross-institutional group provides country-level support for TB control programs in high-burden countries and is currently undertaking such analyses in the Philippines and Fiji, while past modelling work has simulated TB responses in Papua New Guinea, India, China and South Africa.

In 2017 James was appointed to the TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (TB-MAC), which coordinates global activities in TB modelling. He also works clinically as a respiratory, sleep and general physician, including regular care for TB patients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, as well as being involved with the public health and policy response to TB as a public health physician for the Victorian Tuberculosis Program.