Jayden Evett

Jayden Evett is a PhD candidate at The Australian National University (ANU) Department of Pacific Affairs (DPA).

Jay began his PhD candidacy with DPA in 2021. Born and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, he joined ANU in 2018 when he began a Master of Diplomacy (Advanced). Before this, he completed a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington and read international studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

His current research explores how New Zealand’s changing national identity has influenced its relationships with the Pacific since the Māori Renaissance. It focuses on identity trends, their impact on New Zealand’s behaviour, and how the Pacific has received that behaviour. Jay’s previous research has focussed on indigenous diplomacies and conflict resolution.

Jay’s background is in the parliamentary sector, specialising in civic engagement program development and delivery. A desire to spark accessible conversations about big ideas drives both his research and work.