Jodie-Lee Trembath

Jodie-Lee is Managing Editor of The Familiar Strange. She is also an ANU PhD Candidate using organisational ethnography to explore the anthropology of universities and transnational mobility of academics.

Jodie-Lee’s PhD research is an ethnography of an international university campus in Vietnam, where 80% of the academics are non-Vietnamese and come from 28 other countries. The research explores the notion of ‘invisible work’ – that is, work that may not be part of an employee’s job description or performance plan, but that is nonetheless essential for their success in their jobs – and questions whether the invisible work of academia changes when academics cross national borders for work. This research has implications for university management in an era of increasing globalisation, as well as raising questions about how transnational mobilities affect global flows of knowledge within a localised context.

Jodie-Lee is one of four PhD candidates from the ANU who co-founded the Anthropology blog and podcast The Familiar Strange, which can be found at