Joel Wuthnow

Joel Wuthnow is a research fellow in the Center for the Study of the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at the US National Defense University in Washington, DC, where he focuses on Chinese foreign and security policy, Chinese military issues, US-China relations, and strategic developments in East Asia.

He was previously a China analyst at CNA, a postdoctoral fellow in the China and the World Program at Princeton University, and a pre-doctoral fellow at The Brookings Institution.

His recent publications include “China’s Goldwater Nichols? Assessing PLA Organizational Reforms” Joint Force Quarterly 82 (July 2016, with Phillip C. Saunders) and “Barriers, Springboards, and Benchmarks: China Conceptualizes the Pacific ‘Island Chains’” The China Quarterly 225 (March 2016, with Andrew S. Erickson). He is also the author of Chinese Diplomacy and the UN Security Council (Routledge, 2013). He received his degrees from Princeton University (A.B. summa cum laude in Public and International Affairs), Oxford University (M.Phil. in Modern Chinese Studies), and Columbia University (Ph.D. in Political Science).