John Wanna

Professor John Wanna is national head of research with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). He holds the inaugural Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration and is professor of public policy in the College of Arts and Social Sciences at The Australian National University.

Professor Wanna has studied Australian governments since the mid-1970s and has made a major contribution to the study of public administration in Australia and internationally. His interests include public finance and government budget reform, public sector management, federalism and intergovernmental relations, Australian politics, state politics and the changing nature and practices of governance.

A National Fellow and Councilor of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA), John served as editor of the Australian Journal of Public Administration for twenty years to 2014. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Science Australia.

A number of John’s research monographs and co-edited volumes are available online through ANU Press, including Abbott’s Gambit: The 2013 Australian federal election, and New Accountabilites, New Challenges (2015).