Jorrit Gosens

Jorrit Gosens is a Research Fellow at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy’s Centre for Climate and Energy Policy.

Jorrit received his PhD in Environmental Economics and Management from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for a thesis focused on the formation of China’s capabilities, and the transition from lagging to leading, in renewable energy industries.

During his post-doctoral period, his work was similarly focused on geographical elements of innovation in renewable energy industries, aiming to understand how different countries’ innovation systems are inter-linked, why industries tend to relocate over time, and how strongly domestic technological developments are influenced by what happens at the global level, and vice versa.

In work on energy transitions more generally, Jorrit has focused on identifying the factors that determine the likelihood that certain countries develop strong R&D or industrial capabilities for renewable energy technologies, and factors that determine the pace of development and deployment of such technologies in different countries.

Jorrit also created and runs China Energy Portal, an online resource with translated Chinese energy policy and statistics.