Lachlan Blackhall

Lachlan Blackhall is the co-founder and CTO of Reposit Power and a world leader in the optimisation and control of grid-connected energy storage systems.

Lachlan holds a BE, BSc and a PhD in engineering and applied mathematics and has broad professional interests in the domains of energy, data, and learning and education.

Lachlan co-founded Reposit Power, a technology company designing advanced control systems for grid deployed energy storage that have the potential to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of energy production.

Passionate about helping bridge the divide between academia, business and government, Lachlan co-founded InnovationACT in 2008. Today, this business planning and entrepreneurship outreach program has handed out more than $300,000 in awards and has led to the formation of many start-up companies. Widely regarded for his willingness to mentor and advise young students, Lachlan is also an adjunct lecturer at the Australian National University.

A passionate advocate of education and outreach, Lachlan volunteers his time to advise students, entrepreneurs and early stage companies in Australia and around the world.