Lawrence Lam

Lawrence Lam has received training in the areas of Medical Sciences, Psychology, Public Health, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics. He has worked as a hospital Epidemiologist and a Medical Statistician in the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney, Australia, for many years.

Lawrence was the Head of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, as well as the Deputy Chair of the Population and Public Health Domain in the School of Medicine Sydney, the University of Notre Dame Australia. He is also appointed a Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology.

Being an epidemiologist, a statistician, and a research psychologist in clinical and academic settings, Lawrence has experience in many different sub-specialties in epidemiology and medicine. He has been researching in the area child and adolescent mental health and risky behaviours, particularly addictive behaviours. His research focuses on Problematic Internet Use, Problematic Internet Gaming, and Mental Health Literacy within the East Asia Region.

Lawrence has been appointed as a Professor of Public Health at the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney and he is now the Vice President (Academic) of the Tung Wah College, Hong Kong.