Lindy Orthia

Lindy is a teacher and researcher in science communication. She has worked at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) based in the Australian National University (ANU) since 2007 and enjoys the intersection of science, politics, and writing that science communication offers. She only realised science communication was the place she felt at home when she transferred from a PhD in plant systematics to a PhD in science communications in 2005, graduating in 2010. Realising much of her work took a historical approach, she undertook a Graduate Certificate in History from 2013-15.

Lindy completed a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at La Trobe University then came to ANU to undertake honours in plant systematics, based at the Australian National Herbarium, CSIRO. Prior to discovering science, Lindy was an activist who spent much of her time researching, writing and agitating in regard to diverse political issues, working in student representative and community organisations.