Maree Sainsbury

Dr Maree Sainsbury is an Associate Professor in the Canberra Law School, University of Canberra.

She is a qualified solicitor and former Head of School for the School of Law and Justice. Maree’s research is broadly in the area of copyright and design law and commercial law. In particular, she has a body of work on moral rights and defences to copyright infringement.

She has provided commentary on the Australian moral rights legislation, as well as the impact of defences such as parody and satire and the interplay between the two provisions. She has also published on copyright history, in particular the development of copyright law in Australian colonial times and the impact of these laws on authors and publishers.

A further field of her research is on the application of designs law, where Maree has examined the application of Australian designs law to Indigenous designs, noting the limitations of the law and making recommendations for law reform. She has an interest in Indigenous issues as they relate to intellectual property and to commercial law in general.