Michelle Mosey

Michelle Mosey is the Head of Cyber Learning (Australia) at With You With Me. During 2017-18, she was the  Senior Adviser for Cyber Security at the ANU National Security College. Ms Mosey has worked for over 25 years in national security, with a strong focus on emerging technologies, cyber and information policy development and multi-national relationships.

Michelle Mosey’s roles have included developing programs focussed on talent strategies for cyber professionals, working closely with Australian universities to support STEM talent development and intern opportunities. She has led teams in cyber security for strategic engagement with federal  and state governments, key industry partners on cyber security solutions and technologies development, and delivery of cyber security policy and advice. Ms Mosey has directed a range of security engagements across the Defence portfolio, Defence industry and international partners in support of policy development, information agreements, strategic planning, training and awareness. She has also served in Washington as the Australian liaison providing Australian perspectives to shape and contribute to Australia-US relations.