Mirya Holman

Mirya Holman is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Tulane University, and is a Visiting Fellow at the ANU School of Politics and International Relations. Her research interests focus on political leadership, local politics, gender and politics, research methods, and environmental politics.

Her book, Women in Politics in the American City (Temple University Press) examines the effect of the women mayors and city council members on urban politics.

She’s been widely published in both academic journals and in the popular press. I’m always happy to talk to the press about women mayors, sheriffs (and sheriffs and sheriffs), Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, sexism, or any other issue where my research intersects with journalist interests.

Mirya is currently researching local appointed boards and commissions, the partisan politics of #MeToo, the role of religious beliefs in political attitudes and actions, gender and the 2016 election, and the pathways to political office, as well as a variety of other projects. Her research used a variety of advanced methods, with a focus on experimental and survey research.