Mitzi Bolton

Dr. Mitzi Bolton is a Research Fellow at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. Her research focuses on identifying and facilitating ways to enable optimal public sector decision-making and, in particular, integrated decision-making.

Prior to joining MSDI, Mitzi was a public servant for almost 12 years with experiences in both the Victorian and Australian public sectors. Mitzi has a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Melbourne, a Master of Commercial Law from University of Monash, and completed her PhD at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy. Mitzi is also Chair of the IPAA Victoria Sustainability Community of Practice and a past Board Director of the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association.

Mitzi is driven by universalism, and a desire to leave a world worth living in to future generations. In keeping with this, her research seeks to understand the barriers to the adoption of sustainable development principles in public decisions, and to identify potential ways to overcome them. Mitzi’s goal is that this research will help public entities to more consistently strike an optimal balance of social, economic, and environmental outcomes in their decision making.