Nathan Shea

Nathan Shea is a PhD candidate in Development Studies and a Research Associate on the Australian International Conflict Resolution Project with the University of Melbourne’s School of Social and Political Sciences. His research focuses on the role of international institutions and organisations in Philippine politics, particularly as relates to the long-running peace processes in the country’s south.

Nathan has a Master of International Relations from the University Melbourne and is an alumnus of the International Peace and Security Institute’s Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Reconciliation at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Author of ‘Nongovernment organisations as mediators: making peace in Aceh, Indonesia’ (Global Change, Peace & Security, 2016), and co-author of ‘International mediation and Australian foreign policy: building institutional capacity to respond to overseas conflict’ (Australian Journal of International Affairs, 2017), Nathan has also contributed extensively to debate on Australian, Philippine, and regional geopolitics.  His interests include peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and Asia-Pacific regional politics.