Nic Maclellan

Nic Maclellan works as a journalist and researcher in the Pacific Islands. He is a correspondent for Islands Business magazine (Fiji), and a contributor to Inside Story, The Contemporary Pacific and other regional media.

For more than three decades, Nic has written and broadcast about Pacific environment, development, labour mobility and security. He’s authored research reports and policy papers for the World Bank, Oxfam International, UNICEF Pacific, Lowy Institute for International Policy and other research centres and was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to the Sector” award by the Australian Council for International Development in 2015.

He is co-author or editor of a number of books including: La France dans le Pacifique – de Bougainville à Moruroa (Editions La Découverte, Paris); After Moruroa – France in the South Pacific (Ocean Press, New York and Melbourne); Kirisimasi (PCRC, Suva); No Te Parau Tia, No Te Parau Mau, No Te Tiamaraa (PCRC, Suva); and Louise Michel – Vidas Rebeldes (Ocean Sur, Havana). His latest book Grappling with the Bomb – a history of British nuclear testing in the Pacific – is published by ANU Press.