Rishikesh Pandey

Dr Rishikesh Pandey is an Associate Professor of Geography and Environment at the School of Development and Social Engineering, Pokhara University, Nepal.

He obtained a PhD Degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia, an MPhil from the University of Oslo, Norway, and an MA from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. He has been working in the tertiary education industry, and advocating for research-based policy reforms in Nepal for the last two decades.

His areas of teaching and research includes a range of fields from both natural and social sciences, interwoven into an interdisciplinary and integrated discipline of Geography and Environment, and Development Studies. He is eager to create dialogue between natural and social sciences to meet the development need of societies and countries.

Dr Pandey has won a number of research fellowships and prestigious scholarships. He co-authored two reference books and published over two dozen of research articles, including in internationally ranked journals with sound impact factor, so he has been invited to present his works in various international forum abroad (Norway, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, India) as well.