Robert Bunker

Dr Robert J Bunker is an adjunct research professor, Strategic Studies Institute (SSI), US Army War College, Carlisle, PA, and a past futurist in residence, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy, Quantico, VA.

His research focuses include violent non-state actors (VNSAs), advanced and unconventional weaponry, hybrid warfare, US foreign and defense policy, emerging threats, and 21st century warfighting. He holds degrees in political science, government, anthropology-geography, social science, behavioral science, and history and has taken hundreds of hours of specialized counterterrorism training.

Dr Bunker has given numerous lectures and presentations on a diverse range of international security topics as well as US Congressional testimony. He has hundreds of publications, including many edited books and anthologies and research manuscripts, as well as the co-written works Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training (University of Oklahoma Press, 2011) and Global Criminal and Sovereign Free Economies and the Demise of the Western Democracies (Routledge, 2016).