Shiro Armstrong

Shiro Armstrong is an economist and Fellow at the Crawford School of Public Policy. He is Co-Director of the Australia-Japan Research Centre, Editor of the East Asia Forum, Director of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research and Research Associate at the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at the Columbia Business School.

Shiro is a recipient of an Australian Government Endeavour Research Fellowship, Gary Saxonhouse Prize Fellowship for Japanese Economics, Crawford Award for best research paper on the Japanese Economy, Japan Foundation Fellowship, Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD) Fellowship, Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award for Public Policy and Outreach and twice the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Excellence in Service Quality.

He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia University, the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, China Centre for Economic Research at Peking University and the the University of Tokyo.