Teresia Powell

Teresia is an experienced researcher and trainer. She is a strong community, environment, and climate change advocator. She has particular experience in developing and designing survey and data collection activities. This includes developing of assessment methodology, which involves developing survey questionnaires and the implementation of survey work using face-to-face interviews and online programmes. She had experience in conducting stakeholder consultation at the national and sub-national level.

Teresia has vast experience in climate change issues. She has represented the Fiji government in workshops and meetings, and has participated in the Conference of parties, building her confidence and capacity in this field. She has experience in implementing climate change adaptation donor-funded projects, which involves much financial management. She has contributed to a few of the country reports.

She held the position of the Fiji Project Coordinator for the Integrated Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment project (IVA). The project was a trailblazer for the Government of Fiji. It quantifies, in a systematic manner, the extent to which a community is exposed or vulnerable to specific hazards.  She provided technical advice to the governments of Fiji on the Relocation Guideline, National Adaptation Plan and Climate Change National Communication. During this period she represented the government in the National and International meeting. She provided climate change awareness and assessment training to different stakeholders at national and sub-national levels. She has worked with various international and national agencies over the past eight years focusing on natural resource conservation, climate change adaptation, climate change vulnerability, and adaptation assessment.

Teresia is currently doing her Masters of Research in Climate Change. Her research study focuses on a human-centred approach for community relocation in Fiji.