Zhongli Yu

Zhongli Yu is currently an assistant professor in Translation Studies in the School of English at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), teaching the MA Interpreting and Translation program and supervising PhD students.

Her present research interests include gender/women/feminism and translation, memory/history and translation, museum narratives and translation, interpreting in war settings, translation education, intercultural communication, and literary studies.

She holds an MSc in Translation Studies (Edinburgh) and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies (Manchester).

Her recent publications include ‘Relay Translation of Feminism in China: An Intralingual Case’ (Journal of Translation Studies 1(2), 2017), ‘Translation as adaptation and selection: A feminist case’ (Perspectives 25(1), 2017; also reprinted in Roberto A. Valdeón ed. Chinese Translation Studies in the 21st Century: Current Trends and Emerging Perspectives, 1st Edition, Routledge 2017), ‘Media, Narrative, and Chinese Interpreters for the Japanese Forces: With Xia Wenyun as an example’ (Translation Horizon 1, 2016), and Translating Feminism in China: Gender, Sexuality and Censorship (Routledge, 2015).

She also co-organises Gender, Culture, and Identities Dialogues at UNNC.