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3 September 2018

The Brief podcast is a short, sharp, snapshot of today’s policy landscape. On this episode, we home in on why so many Australians are still sleeping rough.

The most recent Australian census counted 116,427 people as being homeless – more than enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even more shocking are the hidden dimensions of this number: 20 per cent were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 30 per cent were born overseas, and reports show that older, single women are increasingly affected. On this episode of The Brief, James O’Donnell discusses why people become homeless, how they escape it, and why we need flexible policy solutions if every Australian is to have a roof over their head. Listen here:

James O’Donnell is a PhD candidate and research assistant at the ANU school of demography, and winner of The Australian Population Association’s 2014 WD Borrie Prize.

Edwina Landale is the presenter of The Brief. She is a student of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the ANU.

Show notes | The following were referred to in this episode:

Everybody’s Home

Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS)

Orange Sky Laundry


St Vincent De Paul

The Red Cross

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This episode of Policy Forum Pod was written and produced by Edwina Landale.

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One Response

  1. George Huwell says:

    The only solution is to teach people to be more self-sufficient and hard-working at a young age. Eliminate sit-down money and victimhood narratives that remove agency from the individual.

    Most so-called solutions to poverty actually entrench it. There is no incentive for social service rent-seekers to actually solve the problem.

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