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2 October 2018

Tourists are ambassadors for their countries – but aren’t always up to the job. This week on The Brief podcast, we hear from David Beirman about how policymakers can ensure tourism is worth the trouble.

Bali is on the brink of imposing new tourism restrictions due to declining ‘quality of tourists’. Like many developing nations in the Asia-Pacific, Indonesia – and Bali in particular – is increasingly dependent upon tourism, but how does the industry affect local communities? This week on The Brief, David Beirman looks at what lies behind sunny tourism slogans and what it means to be a quality tourist. Listen here:

David Beirman is a Senior Lecturer of Tourism at the University of Technology Sydney, specialising in the field of tourism risk, crisis and recovery management. He is the longest-serving member of DFAT’s Consular Consultative Group and worked for 30 years in the Australian travel industry.

Edwina Landale is the presenter of The Brief. She is a student of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at the ANU.

Show notes | The following were referred to in this episode:

Smart Travel Website

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This episode of Policy Forum Pod was written and produced by Edwina Landale.

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