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20 August 2021

On this episode of Democracy Sausage, guest host Virginia Marshall takes over the tongs, fires up the barbie, and speaks to community pastor and advocate Ray Minniecon.

How can Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conceptions of truth-telling inform global reconciliation efforts? And why haven’t Australian governments and society fully acknowledged the history and the damage of the frontier wars in the country? On this Democracy Sausage, guest host Dr Virginia Marshall speaks with Pastor Ray Minniecon, who reflects on life under Queensland’s Aboriginal Protection Act, recognising the sacrifices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and women, and what it means to belong to Country. Listen here:

Ray Minniecon is a community pastor at St John’s Anglican Church, Glebe and Director of Bunji Consultancies, which supports Aboriginal leadership and business initiatives.

Virginia Marshall is the Inaugural Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow with The Australian National University’s School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) and the Fenner School of Environment and Society. She is a Wiradjuri Nyemba woman from New South Wales.

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