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9 December 2019

For this special Democracy Sausage pod, we bring you a live event recording of Mark Kenny in conversation with Peter Hartcher on his new Quarterly Essay, Red Flag: Waking Up to China’s Challenge.

China has become crucial to Australia’s security, economy, and identity, but what are its intentions? In this special Democracy Sausage live event, Mark Kenny talks to Peter Hartcher about Australia-China relations. We ask whether they are really in a state of deep freeze, and what Australia must do to engage productively with China without sacrificing the integrity of its political, legal, and security systems. Listen here:

Peter Hartcher is an award-winning Australian journalist and the Political and International Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. He is also a visiting fellow at the Lowy Institute. His books include Bubble Man, The Sweet Spot and To the Bitter End.

Mark Kenny is a Senior Fellow in the ANU Australian Studies Institute. He came to the university after a high-profile journalistic career including six years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor for The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Age, and The Canberra Times.

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This podcast is produced in partnership with The Australian National University.

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