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The College of Asia and the Pacific presents

2018 Timor-Leste Update: At the crossroads?



21st June 2018


Hedley Bull Centre



The 2018 Timor-Leste Update will focus on future directions for Timor-Leste across the political, economic and societal domains. It will address such questions as: has the political landscape shifted fundamentally over the last year; what are the prospects for the development of the non-oil economy and the agrarian sector in particular; and what kind of social contract is emerging in Timor-Leste and what does this mean for prospective stability? In a final session, the Update will also reflect on the signal event of the signing of the Maritime Boundaries Treaty which has been hailed by both states as marking “the beginning of a new era in the relationship between the two neighbours”.

The Update organising committee wishes to acknowledge with thanks the grants provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and The Australian National University’s Southeast Asia Institute, which have made the Timor-Leste Update possible.

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