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The ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences and College of Asia & the Pacific present


2019 Anti-Corruption Update: New frontiers for building anti-corruption coalitions


Workshop by the Transnational Research Institute on Corruption



5th September 2019
8.30am - 5.00pm


Acton Theatre, JG Crawford Building, 132 Lennox Crossing Acton, Canberra, ACT 0200


Professor Michael Johnston and Professor Adam Graycar



On September 5th, the Transnational Research Institute on Corruption (TRIC) will be hosting a one-day workshop, ‘2019 Anti-Corruption Update: New Frontiers for building anti-corruption coalitions’, with keynote speaker Professor Michael Johnston. The workshop – held at the Crawford School of Publc Policy, at the ANU – will cover transnational legal corruption, lessons from Asia-Pacific, and new frontiers in anti-corruption research, and is open to academics, practitioners and the general public.

The workshop will be chaired by Professor Adam Graycar, Professor of Public Policy at the University of Adelaide. While at the ANU, he was also Director of the Research School of Social Sciences and founding Director of TRIC.

The keynote speaker will be Professor Michael Johnston from the USA, who has spent decades in this field, and has written seminal works like Syndromes of Corruption, and advised bodies such as the World Bank, USAid, and the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna.

The panels will explore research and contemporary practice in a thematic way. Each panel will be chaired by members of TRIC and include experts in the field.

The Transnational Research Institute on Corruption was established in 2010 as a cross-disciplinary centre to bring together ANU expertise in the study of corruption. Its prime focus is research, through which it will develop capacity in teaching about corruption and corruption prevention, as well as undertake technical assistance.

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