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The National Security College and Policy Forum present

Mapping our future: an Indo-Pacific strategy for Australia

Public lecture


21st May 2018


Crawford School of Public Policy



In 2013, Australia became the first of a growing number of countries to redefine its region of strategic interest as the Indo-Pacific instead of the Asia-Pacific. Much more than a slogan, the Indo-Pacific concept captures the growing geo-economic connections between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and reflects the interactions of many powers across this expansive, maritime and Asia-centric system. It has profound implications for security, diplomacy and the challenge of coping with China’s rise in a region too vast and complex for any one country to dominate.

In this public lecture, Rory Medcalf will reflect on how China, Japan, India and the United States are translating the Indo-Pacific into strategy, identifying lessons and opportunities for Australia.

Professor Rory Medcalf is Head of the National Security College at the Australian National University. His career spans diplomacy, intelligence analysis, academia, think tanks and journalism. He is internationally identified with the development and advocacy of the Indo-Pacific concept.

This event is organised by The National Security College and Policy Forum.

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